Break the glass ceiling

RE "The Gal Pal Gamble" [April 20]: I have often enjoyed Paul Brownfield's writing, but . . . what? He wants to extend and embellish the stereotype of "Women Can't Make Money for Investors," or carry a comedy? "The unwritten rule of Hollywood comedies is like that classic admonition given boxers . . . women weaken legs"? "It seems unusual . . . illegal . . . for two females . . . to have the leads in a buddy comedy." (What about two males . . . like they always succeed?) "[Amy Poehler] face-locked in a tight perma-smile to convey Hillary Rodham Clinton's dismay . . . ."

Oh, and so many more digs!

How could he?

It's that thing where men can feel threatened by funny women. Like they're armed.

You gave yourself away, Paul. Try, try to write an article or have an interview where you don't denigrate women or promote stereotypes. Find something in women who write, act, direct that doesn't insult them, and stop making assumptions about their having lesser talent than men, or acting surprised that they succeed.

Pat Azarnoff


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