When a glamorous wedding turns up in People magazine or Us Weekly, chances are Mindy Weiss was running the show. Brides, including boldface names such as Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani and Eva Longoria, turn to Weiss for absolute peace of mind, and they appreciate her energy and positive attitude. Nervous couples can reach her for 24-hour support. "I'm so accessible," she says. "I truly hope I'm more like a girlfriend planning a wedding than a drill sergeant." That is, if your girlfriend has more than 1,000 wedding contacts and an unerring eye for special touches. Weiss is known as a master of the personalized wedding. For Stefani's reception, Weiss surprised the style-savvy singer with signature lighting fixtures featuring lampshades designed to look like women's dresses, complete with corset tops and feather trim. When one couple's favorite movie was "Love Actually," she made sure the soundtrack played in the shuttles carrying guests to the reception. If a bride prefers a homespun touch, she can incorporate the family's favorite mac 'n' cheese into the dinner. Such cozy details cost a pretty penny; Weiss' fee typically starts at $25,000. Brides-to-be with smaller pocketbooks can check out her newly published "The Wedding Book." Her commitment is never-ending: "We don't give up. I'm responsible for people's memories."

--Elizabeth Khuri

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