Different views of May Day

Re "March smaller, but festive," May 2

The May Day protests were not about immigration reform. They were about people who entered the country illegally and want to be rewarded with citizenship, plain and simple. The only immigration reform they seek is that they shouldn't have to follow the rules.

How is it that I have to have a passport to enter the country in which I was born, raised and served in the armed forces while others come and go as they please?

The only true reform needed is for the government to enforce the existing immigration and labor laws.

Americans are willing to do the jobs that supposedly only illegal immigrants will do; just pay us realistic wages, not what businesses want to pay.

Raul Perez



What are we to think of protesters with "Che" Guevara flags and shirts demonstrating in the streets of Los Angeles or any other American city?

Guevara hated America, freedom, private enterprise, democracy, religious expression and everything else this country stands for. His hands were drenched with the blood of thousands in Cuba and South America. Americans who fought with Fidel Castro and him to overthrow Gen. Fulgencio Batista in Cuba were rewarded with firing squads.

As a person who fought communists in a foreign war, I am greatly offended by anyone who holds Guevara up as a symbol of anything of value in this country. These people should go home, and take Che with them.

Paul M. Sewell

Los Angeles

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