Keep TV, film productions here

Re "Courting 'Ugly Betty,'" editorial, May 10

The Times is being shortsighted when it urges California legislators not to respond to efforts by other states to lure film and television productions. First, the Legislature needs to do a cost-benefit analysis of an industry that has extremely long coattails. The real impact of production loss is on below-the-line jobs and thousands of local businesses. Second, as production moves to computer-generated backgrounds, a California location becomes less important. Other states have created supportive infrastructures, and they have lower taxes and costs of living. Finally, the suits want to stay here if they can. They don't need parity, just some indication that California is paying attention. If we are not more attentive, we are going to lose the industry that defines this state.

Jeffrey C. Briggs


The writer is chairman of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation.

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