Striking a pose in Vogue

Although husband John’s popularity is often ascribed to his loquaciousness around journalists -- what reporter doesn’t love a presidential candidate who gabs? -- Cindy McCain, 53, is far more reserved. The June issue of Vogue magazine features a story and photo layout on the would-be first lady, but the glossy monthly didn’t get her to cough up much that’s new.

Still, there are a few tidbits:

McCain owns not one but two condos in a Coronado building on San Diego Bay. She wears size 0 Lucky jeans. She attempted to cure her “emptying nest” problem by purchasing two Yorkshire terriers spotted in a Manhattan pet shop. (“The smaller the dog, the louder it barks and the less housebroken it is,” says her not-entirely-thrilled husband, the presumptive GOP nominee.)

She is a “hands-on chair” and controlling stockholder of her family’s giant beer-distribution business. With her devotion to several children’s charities, she will not cast about for a first lady cause.


Were she to become first lady, laments Vogue, “she also knows . . . she would have to give up the Escada suits she says fit her so well in favor of those made by an American designer.” (Escada, with dresses costing around $2,000, is a German firm.)


-- Robin Abcarian