Handle with care

So Andruw Jones has torn cartilage in his right knee.

I don’t care.

John Palato



With Kemp, Ethier and Pierre all in the Dodgers’ starting lineup and fueling the offense with their key hitting and run production, the Dodgers win two games in a row. So can there be any scarier headline for Dodgers fans than Wednesday’s “Jones’ knee feels better”?

Peter Rich

Los Angeles

Let’s hope T.J. Simers runs Andruw Jones out of town faster than he drove away J.D. Drew.


Greg Black

Redondo Beach

I wish everybody would quit trashing Ned Colletti for blowing all that money on unproductive players. They forget that before he joined the Dodgers, he did a great job with the Giants, and just look where they are today.

D.C. White

Palm Desert

An obvious indication that a team (the Dodgers) has a substandard general manager (Ned Colletti) is when that team’s fans (those who haven’t switched allegiance to the Angels) root for its players (Andruw Jones, Gary Bennett, Esteban Loiaza, etc.) to be placed on the disabled list.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to name anyone specifically.

Darren Pollock


Los Angeles

After the series in Anaheim, my pet cat Dodger has stopped answering to his name.

Mike Popov

San Clemente