Clearing the air on the climate

Re “Hope for hot air only,” editorial, Nov. 13

Kudos for highlighting the governor’s climate summit. But thumbs-down for misconceptions about how to lower carbon emissions. A well-regulated cap-and-trade market can turbocharge the state’s innovation engine. Carbon taxes would only slow growth.

By linking California’s carbon market to rain forest conservation, tropical leaders are challenged to act -- and the cost of climate protection would be lowered for everyone.

It’s true this would require careful oversight. But if California’s carbon market engages some of the world’s biggest emitters and low-carbon energy technologies, Schwarzenegger will have scored big for the planet.


Derek Walker


The writer is the director of California climate initiatives for the Environmental Defense Fund.


Re “Climate change costly for state,” Nov. 14

It has become obvious that not only is global warming wreaking havoc on our environment, it is also delivering devastating blows to our economy. Our state has become a leader in “going green,” but Californians can’t stop global warming on our own. We must have support from President-elect Barack Obama and Congress.

Now that the elections are over, our leaders must commit to reducing our emissions 80% below 1990 levels by mid-century. We need plans that support clean, renewable energy solutions like wind and solar power, plus increased energy efficiency.

Given this small window of opportunity, our leaders must not offer us anything less than the strongest science-based plan to stop global warming.


Chad Poorman

Palm Desert