A Vatican ploy

Re “Mind and soul,” editorial, Nov. 17

This ploy by the Vatican is a shameful attempt to shift the blame from the pedophiles within their ranks onto the backs of the homosexual priests. Why not? It’s always easy to blame the gays.

There is no stronger link between pedophilia and homosexuality than there is between pedophilia and heterosexuality. To single out gay priests is an attempt to tar-and-feather one group to cover up misdeeds and corruption.

For the Vatican to pass this burden onto the backs of its gay priests is another shameful reason that Roman Catholicism is a church in decline, at least in the Western world. All over Europe, once-mighty churches are now empty and solemn echo chambers because the Roman Catholic Church is often considered irrelevant to people’s everyday lives.


Someday, unfortunately, the ruins of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel will sit within sight of the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum. Church leaders will have no one to blame then but themselves. Oh -- and gays.

Tim Prendergast

Palm Springs