Plenty of spots to meet

Sachs is a Times staff writer.

Josh Radnor is sitting pretty these days, not only starring in a hit CBS comedy, “How I Met Your Mother,” but also as a Hollywood Hills homeowner.

“I bought it last December, so I’m still in my first-year honeymoon phase,” said the 34-year-old Ohio native. “I never had a place to host before, so it’s fun to have people over.”

He’s enjoying it so much that if not for the nudgy folks at My Favorite Weekend, it would be tough getting him to leave.


“I find myself going out less and less,” he said. “When you’re 22 and see older people start to do that, it’s depressing, but once you hit 30, you think, ‘Wow, I’ve been working all week -- it might be really nice to stay in!’ ”

Fish on Fridays

There’s this restaurant on Beverly that I love called Hirozen. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall that has fantastic sushi and all sorts of great specials; the menu’s always changing. I always order too much, and the heirloom tomato salad is amazing, but it’s just the quality of the fish that keeps me coming back to that little strip mall.

The music man

After dinner there would be nothing better than the Hotel Cafe. Music is my chief hobby, and this is a great venue for hearing it live. I spend hours scouring music blogs and finding new stuff and making CDs for people. I’ve had great success getting music I love onto the show, and some of it I’ve seen at the Hotel Cafe. It’s a great, mellow, not so scene-y place for music. I was there two times in one week recently.

Mantra and a meal

I do Transcendental Meditation, and part of the reason I chose my house is that I thought it would be a great place to meditate. I can also go right out my front door and hike to Lake Hollywood and meditate up there in the outdoors. Afterward, there’s a place nearby called Solar de Cahuenga -- nice crepes. And Cayenne Cafe, on Beverly, is a Middle Eastern hidden gem, and it’s always great.

Caffeine comrades

I’m working on a book right now, and there are two places where I can get a lot of work done. One is Om Cafe on Fountain, and another is Buzz Coffee, which is a block from my old apartment. There are writers I’m friends with who I’ve never seen outside of Buzz Coffee. You end up talking a lot, because there’s nothing writers like more than not writing.

Old Hollywood

If there’s a good movie playing at the Vista, I’ll be there. It’s on Sunset, where it winds into Silver Lake/Los Feliz. It’s my favorite movie theater -- it just feels so old and cavernous, and like when everyone leaves there’s still a few ghosts hanging around.

Good vibrations

If my meditation teacher is in town, he has a group session at a house in Hancock Park on Sundays for about 30 or 40 very interesting and conscious people who are generally not hung over. I stopped drinking about a year and a half ago, so it’s nice to have some morning hours now that aren’t so cloudy. Later, a few of us may grab a bite.

Delhi platters

Right now I’m really loving this Indian/vegetarian restaurant on Sunset called Parus. It’s really cool, and inside the place is covered with pictures of enlightened masters and gurus, and the food is fantastic. I like ordering the Indian thali or Yogi’s Delight, which gives you a lot of different things.