Healers can’t be choosers

Re “The wrong family plan,” editorial, Sept. 24

The proposed rule change by the Department of Health and Human Services allowing healthcare workers to selectively deny medical care and services based on their religious beliefs is another example of our narrowing freedom in America.

I reject the claim by healthcare workers that fulfilling the duties associated with their chosen profession puts them at risk of being in violation of their conscience. They have chosen their respective careers and could have selected ones that do not put them in these so-called conflicts. Executing one’s professional duties does not impede freedom of religion. Freedom of religion does not require that the rest of the country bend to meet the needs of every ideology.

The department’s assurance that denied services can be met by the private sector is laughable. May I suggest that all conscience-minded medical professionals seek employment with private firms so that my tax dollars do not inadvertently support religious fanaticism?


Eileen Staskunas

San Diego