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An Indian court issued a warrant for the arrest of the former head of the American chemical company responsible for a gas leak that killed at least 10,000 people in Bhopal 25 years ago.

Warren Anderson was the head of Union Carbide Corp. when its factory in the central Indian city leaked 40 tons of poisonous gas on Dec. 3, 1984.

More than 555,000 people who survived the initial disaster are thought to have suffered aftereffects, though the exact number of victims has never been determined. Many have died of illnesses related to the poisonous gas, such as lung cancer, kidney failure and liver disease.

In response to a recent appeal by a victims' group, Judge Prakash Mohan Tiwari ordered the arrest of Anderson, who is reportedly in the U.S. Tiwari also ordered the government to press for his extradition.

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