A culture to be ashamed of

Re "Four boys charged in rape of an 8-year-old girl," July 24

The worst horror of the story was that the parents of the abused girl reportedly shunned her afterward and said they didn't want her back. The fact that fathers, brothers -- all male relatives -- may throw away a traumatized, abused female child because she was raped is unconscionable. The parents should be deported; they certainly have not appreciated the opportunity shown them in this country.

The child, however, should remain here, supported, coddled and educated so she can go on to decry the continuing abuse of women.

Andrea St. James

El Segundo


I can only hope they jail the father of the little girl. The sort of culture that fosters these "shame-based" values should not be tolerated.

Bridget Risemberg

Los Angeles


What kind of culture is more concerned about the shame an 8-year-old rape victim brought on the family than the trauma the girl is going through?

It is a culture that for centuries has been completely dominated by men with subservient women.

Show me a society that is macho-based and I will show you more wars, violence and abuse of women and children.

Richard Kopelle

Rancho Mirage

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