Huell Howser ("The Awe of Huell Howser," July 26) has been such a wonderful blessing to me and my husband. He has opened up our world to so many experiences that we would have missed -- Pismo Beach, Pink's Hot Dogs, etc.

I am so grateful to Huell and his show. As I struggle with terminal cancer, he has given us yet another doable treat -- the Lakeside Shrine in Pacific Palisades.

His kindness, generosity and humility come through the television like a light. That man could do a half-hour segment on a dandelion in a park and I would be happy to watch.

Theresa Kelly

Thousand Oaks


Some of Huell Howser's subject matter is fascinating, but -- and it is a big "but" -- Huell Howser is one of the most annoying people on television.

He will repeat the obvious until my wife and I just want to scream, "Yes, the man just told you it is the largest pinto bean in the world. Why are you repeating that fact over and over again?" We are thankful the TV has an off switch.

John Shaw



My wife and I have been big fans of "California's Gold" for many years. Week after week, Huell proves himself to be genuinely interested in people, and his pieces are always entertaining and educational. I believe his philosophy of finding inspirational stories in our own backyard is a great one.

As someone who is interested in film and video production, I was also interested to learn of his decisions to "shoot wide" and to use the hand-held microphone in order to increase the spontaneity of the conversation.

In addition to Robert Lloyd's excellent reporting, the "Shucks and Awe" headline and portrait photo were great complements to the article.

Mike McMahon


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