City Hall's fiscal circus

Re "City OKs loan to help Cirque," Aug. 5

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most successful entertainment franchises on the planet. If its owners want to come to L.A., they can afford to make the necessary investment along with the venue that wishes to partner with them.

A $30-million taxpayer-financed loan to underwrite an enterprise that will offer job opportunities mainly to acrobats and jugglers is beyond the pale of common sense. One wonders if there are any public officials who feel they owe a fiduciary responsibility to the people who pay their salaries.

Mel Frohman

Los Angeles


Our mayor and City Council members have rarely met a millionaire or billionaire whose pleas for massive taxpayer subsidies went unheeded. So extending a $30-million "loan" to house Cirque du Soleil at the already subsidized Hollywood & Highland shopping and entertainment center is sold to us as good for the economy, but the city cannot find $13 million to maintain fire and paramedic services at current levels.

Let's all enjoy Cirque, but be sure not to be in a car accident, have a stroke or need swift response to a fire.

Hilma Cohn

North Hollywood

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