More woe with credit card fees

I had a very similar experience to Iqbal Mahmood's that Catharine Hamm wrote about in "On the Spot" ["Sucker Punch," Aug. 2 ] with my MBNA credit card.

In October 2005, I was charged an extra $60.58 for two Singapore Airline tickets and $30 for a deposit on two bookings on an Oceania Cruise -- a U.S.-owned cruise line headquartered in Miami.

MBNA eventually sent a polite letter saying that if foreign banks were used to process those purchases, MBNA was free to charge the 3% foreign transaction fee.

I immediately applied for a Capitol One credit card on the basis of its ads that say it never charges a foreign transaction fee. People ought to be advised that such companies exist, and they should abandon any credit card company that charges meaningless and unjustified fees.

Daniel A. Daly


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