It's all about the fans for Beckham

Far away from the criticism he has been taking in the States for being a part-time player with the Galaxy, David Beckham is taking criticism in England for being a part-time player for the English national team.

Beckham recently became England's most-capped outfield player, breaking World Cup winner Bobby Moore's record of 108 national-team appearances. But critics have called Beckham's record-breakers "cheap," as he has earned them by coming off the bench in the second half.

"It amazes me," Beckham said. "Have they never heard of substitutes? My critics talk about 'cheap' caps and about only coming on for a few minutes at the end in some games. I know it upsets some people.

"But let's get it right. I have started 100 games for England, and that's a milestone in itself. So I don't listen to those critics. What does matter to me is the reaction of the fans."

As Galaxy followers know, Beckham pays close attention to the reaction of the fans.


Trivia time

Which two Angels players have had their number retired by at least two teams?


This goat is not alone

Marian Hossa has been the butt of jokes after leaving the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Detroit Red Wings, figuring that would improve his chances of winning the Stanley Cup, only to watch his former Pittsburgh teammates skate away with the cup at this year's finals.

His native Slovakia poked some fun at him recently, presenting him with a goat named Stanley at the Golden Puck Awards. As the Slovak word for male goat is "cap," Hossa now has his elusive Stanley cap.


Just another putter

Even when it comes to something as mundane as cleaning out the garage, Tiger Woods lives life differently from most.

"Beginning of this year I was just rummaging through my garage and cleaning it out a little bit," Woods told the Associated Press. "Over in the corner was this putter and I said, 'Oh, what is this putter? Oh, it's the one I won the Masters with.'

"It's just sitting over there."


Trivia answer

Rod Carew (Minnesota Twins, Angels) and Nolan Ryan (Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Angels).


And finally

From Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: "I won't say those new swim world records set in Rome are cheap, but my Worlds Greatest Dad trophy is starting to look legit."


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