Video gamers won’t be seeing Michael Vick’s game face

Even if Michael Vick’s future in the NFL remains unclear, there has been a decision on his appearance in “Madden NFL 10.”

EA Sports’ game designer Donny Moore tweeted: “It’s official . . . Michael Vick NOT in Madden NFL 10 Roster Update #1. . . . Once he signs with a team, we will work to get him in there ASAP.”

The exclusion, even from the game’s free-agency pool, confuses the Sporting News’ Chris Littmann because Plaxico Burress is still in the video game.

Writes Littmann: “Perhaps there is a hesitancy on EA Sports’ part to put together Vick’s ratings because in fairness to them, absolutely no one has any idea what kind of football shape he’s in, so how would you even go about assessing his cyber value?”


Fending off paparazzi

Call it a preemptive strike. After Clippers guard Baron Davis had his laptop stolen, his lawyer, William J. Briggs II, sent a letter Tuesday to the Smoking Gun website threatening legal action.

And it’s not because they have his computer, but rather the potential harm they could do if they did have it.

Briggs warned against publishing what he called a “variety of private images of our client, his associates and his colleagues,” that included photographs and videos stored in Davis’ laptop.


That left some outlets thinking Davis’ lawyer may have created even more demand for the files.

Writes Dashiell Bennett from “Who knows what the images actually contain, but his lawyers obviously know something we don’t.”

Trivia question

Which program in major college football has the most undefeated seasons?

Bringing the pain

With Jimmy Buffett, Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan as co-owners, the Miami Dolphins don’t need to look far to find someone to spice up their fight song.

Instead, T-Pain, one of hip-hop’s hottest names, updated the song with a catchier beat but with the same lyrics, originally written for the former Houston Oilers. It’s not exactly drawing the rave reviews he received for his “I’m on a Boat” parody.

Writes Arash Markazi of Sports Illustrated: “If the Dolphins are going to play this song after every touchdown, you might actually get some fans rooting for three-and-outs just to keep their sanity.”


Trivia answer

Michigan (25).

And finally

Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley argued Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis was justified in charging the mound Tuesday after Detroit Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello became the eighth pitcher this season -- and second in as many days -- to hit Youkilis.

Buckley is unsure, however, that there is a way to stop Youkilis from being targeted: “Will pitchers keep throwing at Youkilis, believing they can make him go crazy? Or will they not throw at him, fearing they might get punched out, or worse, wind up looking as hysterical as Porcello did last night?”