Let's get real about P. Diddy

Once again, feeling compelled to talk about: P. Diddy and MTV

Why is MTV determined to keep Sean Combs on the air? Let's look at the facts: Ashton Kutcher's got way more Twitter followers, and he produces TV shows people actually watch. And when's the last time Diddy launched a pop act made on reality TV that worked? And yet, MTV presents his latest, "P. Diddy's Starmaker," a series that will offer 14 contestants who will live in a house together for a shot at a deal with Combs' Bad Boy Records. Who is punking whom in that equation? (Today)


Only too happy to talk about: "Flipping Out"

The economy is still in the dumps, the real estate market has collapsed and yet my favorite obsessive-compulsive house flipper, Jeff Lewis, just keeps on chugging. For Season 3, he's bringing extra crazy. Lewis is taking on design clients, he's forced into being nicer to people and he's even tasked himself with helping his housekeeper, Zoila, find love. It's good to see that his reality fans are, clearly, priority one. (Tuesday)


Loved "Top Chef Masters," but now it's time to talk about: "Top Chef"

The egos, blood and trash-talking are back for another season of original recipe "Top Chef." The scene this time is Las Vegas, and the stakes are accordingly high. Among the new cheftestants are a Michelin star winner and several James Beard Award nominees. And we weren't kidding either -- expect blood to be spilled before the first commercial break. (Wednesday)


Can it be true? Can we really be talking about: "Project Runway"?

Yes, baby, it's true. At long last, Heidi, Tim & Co. are back, this time on Lifetime. (Like we care what network the show lives on -- just give us more "Runway.") To make up for lost time, Thursday will be a smorgasbord: First, an all-star special, then the premiere of the new season, and -- in a most promising bonus -- the launch of the spinoff "Models of the Runway," which will put the focus on the show's until-now silent models. (Thursday)


Cap off your week by talking about: "Whale Wars"

In the season finale, the Sea Shepherds continue to disrupt the Yushin 3's whaling operations, and when the ship tries to transfer a dead whale to the Nisshin Maru, Capt. Watson maneuvers his ship to block the transfer, resulting in a full-speed collision. (Friday)

-- Denise Martin

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