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The verdict is in: Even if Paris Hilton's film "Pledge This!" bombed big time, she won't have to fork over $8.3 million sought by movie investors because of it.

Still, the 28-year-old entertainer, model and businesswoman isn't completely out of the woods. She may have to cough up some of the $1-million fee she got for the 2006 college sorority romp.

The film's investors had sued for $8.3 million in damages -- or roughly what they spent to produce the film, arguing it would have earned at least that much at the box office with proper promotion by Hilton. The lawsuit claimed that by failing to promote the movie's DVD release, Hilton didn't live up to her contract, dooming the movie to financial ruin.

U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno this week ruled against the investors on the damages issue.

"The court finds compelling evidence in the record that 'Pledge This!' lost money because the film's inexperienced producers hastily cobbled together a wholly inadequate marketing plan," the judge wrote. "They sent scattershot requests to their principal star in the hopes that she could find time to promote a sinking ship."

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