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A lead prosecutor accused a television crime-show host of attempting to have a Brazilian federal judge assassinated, adding to allegations that he set up killings to boost his TV ratings.

Crime-show host Wallace Souza, a former policeman accused of setting up at least five killings, tried to have the judge killed in 2007, said Ronaldo Andrade, a prosecutor in Amazonas state.

Souza's lawyer, Francisco Balieiro, said his client was not involved in any assassination plan. Andrade and investigators also say Souza ordered the killings of at least five competing drug traffickers and then got a crew from his "Canal Livre" crime show on the scene before police arrived to get exclusive video.

Andrade said Souza is suspected of trying to orchestrate the slaying of Judge Jaiza Fraxe in 2007 for her role in getting one of Souza's associates investigated and arrested.

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