For the record

Water bond: The Capitol Journal column by George Skelton in Monday’s Section A misstated the amount of a proposed state water bond. The bond would be for $11.1 billion, not $1.1 billion.

Flu vaccination: An article in Friday’s Section A on the H1N1 vaccine said that California had received more than 12 million doses and that there was enough available now for anyone who wanted it. That statement, attributed to Dr. Mark Horton, director of the state Department of Public Health, assumed that not every Californian would immediately want the vaccine. Although the state has more than 36 million residents, influenza vaccination rates usually average 30% nationwide.

Travel photo: In Sunday’s Travel section, which featured reader photographs, a caption with a picture of white cliffs in Turkey identified the location as Pergamum. The photo was taken in Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey, where mineral waters solidify into various formations.

Van Tamelen obituary: The obituary of Stanford chemist Eugene van Tamelen in Monday’s Section A said that Van Tamelen’s son, Peter, lives in Corvallis, Wash. He lives in Corvallis, Ore.

Pistons’ scoring record: The NBA roundup in Thursday’s Sports section said that the 64 points Detroit scored in a loss to Toronto matched the lowest point total in franchise history. It matched the lowest point total in Detroit Pistons history, not the record for the franchise while it was in Fort Wayne, Ind., before moving to Detroit. In addition, the roundup referred to Toronto as the Magic; Toronto’s team name is the Raptors.

Sun Bowl kickoff: A chart listing college football bowl games that has appeared several times in the Sports section has listed the start time of the Sun Bowl as 9 a.m. Thursday. The game is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. Thursday.

Golf schedules: On the Day in Sports page in Sunday’s Sports section, listings labeled as the 2010 PGA Tour and 2010 LPGA Tour schedules actually showed the 2009 schedules.

My Favorite Weekend: The My Favorite Weekend interview with Lakers guard Shannon Brown in Friday’s Calendar section said the Lakers game that day would be televised on ABC at 5 p.m. That was the East Coast telecast time; it aired on the West Coast at 2 p.m.

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