Season 1

Wendy Pepper

Pepper was perhaps best known for attempting to use various alliances on “Project Runway” to her advantage, which only served to alienate her from the other contestants. After “Runway,” Pepper appeared in two other Bravo shows: “Celebrity Poker Showdown” and “Battle of the Network Reality Stars.” She now sells her clothing line out of her gallery and a boutique in Middleburg, Va.

Season 2


Santino Rice

Although respected as a designer on “Project Runway,” Rice will forever be known for his uncanny impression of Tim Gunn, especially uttering the phrase, “Where’s Andrae?” Rice appeared in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant as a judge and made a guest appearance on “America’s Most Smartest Model.” He was asked by MTV VJ SuChin Pak to design her dress for the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. In 2007, Rice blogged for Elle magazine and last year helped redesign Camel cigarettes boxes.

Andrae Gonzalo

Where is Andrae, anyway? The designer, known for his sweet personality and runway meltdown, is currently, according to his website, designing “freelance for anyone with a problem that can be solved through aesthetics.” His eveningwear line, Single After Eight, co-designed with Galina Sobolev, debuted last year.


Season 3

Jeffrey Sebelia

The season’s winner-villain-friend of Santino encountered some well-publicized money troubles after winning the competition -- he reported, with chagrin, that his first deal after the show was designing costumes for the Bratz movie. Since then, he has debuted a contemporary line, Good Vig, which has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily.

Laura Bennett


The “mean mommy” on “Project Runway,” best known for her elegant designs and her accusation that Sebelia cheated during Fashion Week, has returned part time to her architect roots, working at the design firm Shelton, Mindel & Associates with her husband. In February 2008, Bennett debuted her LBD collection on QVC. She now writes about fashion and parenting for the blog the Beast, where her snappy, dry wit is put to good use. She currently lives in New York with her husband and six children.

Season 4

Christian Siriano

Take a “Project Runway” winner, add a unique hairstyle and easy-to-remember catchphrase and you’ve got a former contestant with staying power. After winning “PR,” Siriano was immortalized by Amy Poehler’s impression of him on an episode of “Saturday Night Live.” He’s appeared on Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel,” played himself on an episode of “Ugly Betty” and designed some of the cast’s costumes, and appeared in the music video for hip-hop artist Estelle’s single “No Substitute Love.” On the fashion front, he has designed for Puma and is co-designing Fierce Mamas for Moody Mamas by Christian Siriano, a collection aimed at making pregnant women feel elegant and sexy.


Season 5

Kenley Collins

Who would have suspected the pretty Bettie Page look-alike would turn into the fifth season’s villain? But you simply don’t talk back to Gunn, which Collins did, and which led to her being the contestant many fans loved to hate. Collins sells her vintage-inspired goods from her website (apparently her feathered headpieces turn a tidy profit). And she teaches sewing and pattern-making at New York’s store Sew Fast, Sew Easy.