Knight hopes a new day dawns in Georgia, sweater included

As far as rumors go, this is a good one.

A report out of Atlanta said Bob Knight -- yes, that yelling, screaming, chair-throwing guy -- is interested in coaching basketball again and is interested in the job at the University of Georgia.

But of course they have to contact him, the report said. After all, why would the great Bob Knight, who has won 902 games, the most in Division I men’s history, call Georgia?

The school fired Coach Dennis Felton last week and is seeking a replacement.


Apparently Knight has friends doing the talking for him, saying he would like the job if it is offered to him.

Well, it wouldn’t be bad seeing Knight on the sidelines again wearing one of his sweaters.

Currently, Knight is a basketball analyst for ESPN, and generally does a good job.

But let’s be honest. At heart, he’s a basketball coach.


Trivia time

What is the oldest continuous run professional football team in the United States?


Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal’s career has had a sort of a renaissance this season, evidenced by his recent selection to the Western Conference All-Star team as a reserve.


O’Neal also has never been shy about saying what he thinks.

Saturday was one of those times after the Suns gave up 122 points in a home loss to the Chicago Bulls -- a team that had surpassed 100 points only five times in its previous 17 games.

A reporter from AOL Fanhouse soon found out afterward as O’Neal directed his ire at teammates.

“You just gotta man up,” he said. “Whoever your man is that day, you just gotta say, ‘He’s not getting off.’ That’s what I’ve tried to do my whole career. I’ve never been a defensive stopper, but whoever I’ve got to play that night, he’s not gettin’ off on me. You have to want to play defense.


“It doesn’t matter what type of style we play on offense, offense is not our problem. You still got to make stops.

“If you want to be a good team, if you want to make it to the big dance, you still got to make stops. Period.”

Maybe the Lakers could use a guy like this.

He agrees


Hold on here. An athlete agreeing with the punishment leveled against him?

That exactly was the case when Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins said he would not appeal the fine of $10,000 handed down to him by the NBA for his flagrant foul called against Detroit’s Jason Maxiell.

“I think it’s right. I think justice was served,” Perkins told reporters. “I can pay that fine.”

Indeed he can, because he’ll earn $4.5 million this season.


A lot of wrestlers would have been impressed by the move Perkins put on Maxiell that led to his ejection after being called for a flagrant foul II.

After Maxiell grabbed an offensive rebound, Perkins wrapped one of his arms around Maxiell’s neck and flung him to the ground.

Trivia answer

The Arizona Cardinals were founded in 1898 and have operated from 1898 to 1906, and again from 1913 to present.


And finally

Here are two of David Letterman’s Top 10 highlights on the Hall of Fame baseball careers presented by Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson.

Rice: “Before every game, I ate the same meal; pancakes smothered in pine tar.”

Henderson: “I designed the first vibrating jockstrap.”