Biden’s gaffes

Re “Biden’s Russia blunder,” Editorial, July 28

I have a suggestion for President Obama: Replace Vice President Joe Biden before he makes more nonsensical faux pas. It is so unfortunate that Obama’s trust was misplaced by relying on Biden’s foreign policy expertise.

Harmik Gharibi



Biden has proved without any doubt that he is nothing but a liability to Obama.

He has done more harm, I think, to the presidency than any other advisor.

Even though Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has sidestepped a few times, she has decisively, diplomatically and sincerely carried out her duties.

On that note, she deserves to be upgraded to the post of vice president -- and Biden needs to be sent back to a committee chairmanship where he can open his mouth to the half-asleep Congress without any damage.


Zen Bhatia



This editorial clearly delineates several recent gaffes from Biden, two of which the White House thought embarrassing enough to step in and correct.

In your opening paragraph, you feel compelled to lump Sarah Palin in with Biden as having a history of making “off-the-cuff” and inappropriate comments.

What comments did she make that come close to the impact of Biden’s “Russia blunder” or his “Israel is free to strike Iran” remark?

Normally, people attack that which threatens them; why are you afraid of Palin?

Dion Hannum



Biden’s recent comments about Russia reinforce the belief that the filter between his brain and his mouth needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Marc Jacobson

Los Angeles


On what basis does The Times’ editorial board believe subscribers should accept its wisdom on Russia more than the vice president’s?

Rather than taking Biden to task for speaking the truth about Russia, The Times should applaud his integrity for saying what should otherwise be obvious.

Russia is a failed state. Yes, it has weapons of mass destruction and it has oil, but it will continue to be a failed state because its basic character is unchanged.

Russia is a greatly conflicted state, and it will never be anything other than that until democracy is finally established, and that is a very long way off.

So, rather than condemning the vice president as a “loose cannon,” give him his due. He knows the truth about Russia, and he speaks the truth.

How very odd a newspaper should find that wrong.

George Mitrovich

San Diego


In regard to your editorial concerning former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Biden, there is a marked difference between the two.

Whatever one thinks about Palin’s intellect (or lack of it) and her stances on national policies, it can be said with assurance that her statements and views never stretched far beyond the borders of this country.

Depending on one’s point of view, she’s our problem or part of the solution.

On the contrary, when nationally-elected figure Biden opened his mouth and spouted his blunt critique on Russia, whether it was truthful or otherwise, he damaged our relations with that country’s leadership.

To put it mildly, Biden exhibited a complete lack of tact and political acumen.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


It’s an editorial about Biden, but you cannot refrain from using it as an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Palin.

Oh well, at least you didn’t attack one of her children.

Craig Luther

Tehachapi, Calif.