Tributes are pouring in for Jackson

A 200-member choir sang “Man in the Mirror” in Culver City. Musicians on the red carpet at the BET Awards in South Los Angeles spoke of their admiration for Michael Jackson.

And dozens of fans continued to brave the heat on Sunday to pay tribute to the music icon at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and outside the Jackson family compound in Encino.

“I grew up with his music,” said Nancy Bingham, 25, of Glendale, who was among those at the scene in Encino.


She brought her 9-year-old son, Jonathan, and said that visiting the family home made her feel closer to the fallen pop star, who died on Thursday.

Cars and trucks lined streets near the residence. Journalists set up tents and sat in lawn chairs between interviews.

Donna Green, a longtime fan from Las Vegas, managed to connect briefly with Jackson’s mother, Katherine.

As a black van carrying Katherine Jackson and her husband drove out of the family compound, it slowed for Green, who managed a Michael Jackson fan club from 1998 to 2003.

Katherine Jackson rolled down the window and Green handed her a card.

“If she needs anything, we’re there for her, no matter what,” Green said she had written.

Green said she had missed three days of work as a hostess at a restaurant in the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas to spend part of each day paying her respects. She said that in the days since the pop star’s death, the crowd had shifted from heartsick fans to those who seemed more curious than sad.

“Why do they wait until he’s dead to show their love and respect?” she asked.

Green said that she also plans to attend Jackson’s memorial services. “Whatever it takes, I will be here for the funeral,” she said.

Melina Dorian, who lives in the Encino neighborhood, stood outside the Jackson home Sunday morning.

She said she has been there every day since the singer’s death in order to see what new mementos fans leave at a memorial in his honor.

“It just keeps growing and growing,” Dorian said.

She said Jackson was part of the “soundtrack” of her life and that “there’s a memory with every song.”