Stop the rant

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Re “The tired war on Limbaugh,” Opinion, March 3

I certainly believe there is cynicism in the Obama administration’s declaration that Rush Limbaugh is the true GOP leader. As Limbaugh says, and Jonah Goldberg parrots, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Rush declaring that he wants the president to fail in implementing his liberal agenda.

The administration’s cynicism is used in the hope that Republicans will act on the fact that Limbaugh has become a very dangerous person. Just like Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s (I’m old enough to remember), Limbaugh has become a demagogue who cannot be contradicted by any professed Republican. I hope for Limbaugh’s and the Republican Party’s sake that his actions are stopped before he reaches the same end as McCarthy.

Bill Mosier

Hermosa Beach


Like Goldberg, I hope for a television show similar to William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line.” I have explained to my children and others the difference between Buckley’s discussion -- where varied political views could be politely debated -- and a Limbaugh yell session, in which Rush explains that his train of thought is always right and the rest of the world is dumb.


Larry Bartuzik



Why does Goldberg think a “European welfare state” is such a bad thing? I have relatives living in Holland. Everyone has health insurance regardless of employment. My cousin’s mentally ill son receives free therapy, counseling, job training and medical care. My retired uncle lives in beautiful subsidized senior housing. His wife, who was left with brain damage following surgery more than 30 years ago, was in a state-supported institution until her death several years ago.

Yes, taxes are high in Europe. But my relatives tell me they are willing to pay high taxes in exchange for guaranteed healthcare, lifelong security and freedom from fear. I only wish the U.S. could be a “European welfare state.”

Lida Baker

Los Angeles


Goldberg fears that President Obama wants to repeal the legacy of Ronald Reagan and remake this country as a European welfare state. Well, go Obama!

The Reagan legacy has resulted in a welfare state for the very rich, leaving the working class in tatters. Let the pendulum swing back.

Maitland Alexander