Why America should root for the Angels over the Yankees


Times staff writer Bill Shaikin offers 10 reasons why America should be rooting for the Angels to beat the New York Yankees in the ALCS:

1 The Yankees had their century.

2 The Angels could become the first team to knock the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox out of the playoffs in the same season, ridding us of both the teams that are force-fed to America all summer.

3 That do the Yankees call a $1,250 seat? Half-price.

4 Torii Hunter! Say anything! Down with the bland corporate personalities of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira!


5 If the Angels and Dodgers win, how cool would it be to see Gail and Dave Weaver rooting their boys on, wearing those custom-designed, half-Angels, half-Dodgers jerseys?

6 Can you imagine the disgusted looks on the faces of New Yorkers if Joe Torre gets into the World Series and the Yankees do not? Better yet: Jeff Weaver gets into the World Series and the Yankees do not.

7 The Angels have the rally monkey. The Yankees have bleacher creatures.

8 The Yankees charge $20 for a stadium tour. No game included.

9 Biggest contracts in baseball history: 1. Rodriguez ($275 million); 2. Rodriguez ($252 million); 3. Jeter ($189 million); 4. Teixeira ($180 million); 5. CC Sabathia ($161 million).

10 The Angels have won the World Series more recently than the Yankees. America loves a winner.