Justice comes at a cost

Re “Prosecuting Polanski,” Editorial, Sept. 29, and “L.A. fugitive Polanski seized in Switzer- land,” Sept. 28

Kudos to The Times’ editorial board for supporting the return of Roman Polanski to face justice.

Polanski fled before he could pay the price he owed. And he owes the state of California, not the victim.

The state of California brought the charges, not the victim. Paying off the victim as a result of a civil suit does not clear the books.


It is time for him to face the consequences for his repugnant, outrageous, illegal actions.

Keith John Schoose

Long Beach

It seems wasteful to spend so much money to extradite Polanski to Los Angeles.


Perhaps we should do it for the principle, then sentence him to 10 years in prison or a $20-million fine. He would surely opt for the latter.

Justice would be served, and the money would help the budget shortfall.

Bill Serantoni

Thousand Oaks


Enough is enough about Polanski. If the district attorney has nothing else to do, let him resign and help our budget crisis.

Harry Shragg

Los Angeles



It is in the best interest of the public for prosecutors to drop the child sexual assault case against Polanski.

Yes, sexual violence, especially when it involves a child, is a serious violation and warrants justice. However, the crime occurred 30 years ago; the victim in the case apparently does not want Polanski imprisoned; and he does not appear to be a significant danger to society.

At a time when California is in a financial crisis, it makes little sense for Los Angeles County citizens to spend the sums necessary for pursuing the case.

Sometimes justice includes considering broader social and environmental issues. Sometimes justice requires forgiveness and healing. Often, justice is better served when positive benefits can occur from occasional tragic mistakes made by people. There are more, and often better, options for seeking justice than simple, costly retribution.

D.J. Williams




Shame on the L.A. County district attorney’s office for wasting taxpayer dollars to get revenge for Polanski’s choice to leave the country after reaching a plea deal with the D.A. As it is now, he will likely be extradited to L.A., where he’ll be sentenced and will go to jail, costing lots of taxpayer money.

It’s nice to know the D.A. has plenty of money to play with.

Greg Bristol

Santa Barbara