‘Solaris,’ Bugs Bunny and more

Tom Schiller, who directed some of the best shorts on the early days of “Saturday Night Live,” will appear Thursday night at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre for a screening of his 1984 film “Nothing Lasts Forever,” which was out of circulation for nearly two decades, as well as several classic “SNL” shorts such as “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and “La Dolce Gilda.”

The Cinematheque’s Aero Theatre will offer “Slow Burn: Three Classics by Andrei Tarkovsky,” which opens Friday with his best-known film, the 1972 sci-fi epic “Solaris.” On Saturday is his 205-minute 1969 masterpiece “Andrei Rublev,” based on the life and works of the 15th century poet and painter. The retrospective closes Sunday with 1975’s “The Mirror,” an autobiographical look at his experiences during World War II.

For the kiddies, the Aero marks Easter with a Bugs Bunny cartoon and egg hunt family matinee on Saturday. “Operation: Rabbit,” “Rabbit Hood” and “Bugsy and Mugsy” are among the shorts. www.american

From Romania


The UCLA Film & Television Archive offers a look at “Contemporary Romanian Cinema,” starting Friday at the Billy Wilder Theater with 2009’s omnibus drama “Tales From the Golden Age” and Saturday with 2008’s “Boogie,” a drama examining a marriage. The series continues April 9.

French noir

Two of the great French film noirs -- 1955’s caper thriller “Rififi,” directed by Jules Dassin, and the 1954 crime melodrama “Touchez pas au grisbi,” starring the legendary Jean Gabin -- unspool Friday and Saturday at the New Beverly Cinema.



On Monday, REDCAT will shine the spotlight on the avant-garde films of Irish-born, New York-based filmmaker Julie Murray. Included are 2004’s “Orchids,” a nine-minute film composed of shots of trees growing among brick ruins, and 2003’s “I Began to Wish,” which features captioned excerpts from an instructional movie for the deaf.

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