For the record

Officer arrested: In Tuesday’s LATExtra section, the headline on a story about an off-duty Westminster police detective arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and raping a woman said a probation officer had also been arrested. The second man arrested was a corrections officer at the Chino Institution for Men.

Sheridan lawsuit: An article in Tuesday’s LATExtra section on a lawsuit filed by actress Nicollette Sheridan against the creator and producer of “Desperate Housewives,” as well as against ABC and Touchstone Television Productions, attributed a statement to ABC. The statement came from ABC Studios.

John Yoo: An article in Section A on March 29 about legal guidance written by UC Berkeley law professor John C. Yoo and Circuit Judge Jay S. Bybee when they were Justice Department lawyers in the George W. Bush administration said their advice “redefined torture as pain resulting in organ failure or death.” Their guidance defined torture as pain that “must rise to the level of death, organ failure,” but did not restrict it to acts that would actually result in organ failure or death.

Labor union: Hector Tobar’s column in Monday’s Section A referred to a labor union as the International Workers of the World. The correct name is the Industrial Workers of the World.

Marine wives: Steve Lopez’s column in Wednesday’s Section A on Marine wives described how Tammy Gallagher’s son Timmy cried when his father first deployed to Iraq with the Marines. It was actually their son Taegen who cried, and it was when his father left home for a different assignment. The column also spoke of the stresses of combat life, citing an episode of road rage by Gallagher’s husband and an outburst that woke him from sleep. Tammy Gallagher does not believe these incidents were combat-related.

Bullying death: An article in Section A on March 30 about a Massachusetts teenager who committed suicide after being bullied said that nine teenagers had been charged in the case. Prosecutors said Tuesday that six teens had been charged.

Museum curators: An article in Sunday’s Arts & Books section about new curators at Southern California museums said Harold B. Nelson had facilitated the bequest of a 300-piece collection of 19th century American decorative arts at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. The collection includes 19th century pieces, but its strength is in 18th century objects. Also, the article said that Sarah Bancroft was filling the position at the Orange County Museum of Art formerly held by Deputy Director Karen Moss. Moss is still at the museum and curating several exhibitions.

Wonder-Con: An article in Tuesday’s Calendar section about the Wonder-Con convention in San Francisco referred to an upcoming Disney movie as “Tron: Revival.” The correct title is “Tron: Legacy.”

Recycled clothing: A photo caption with a March 21 Image feature on recycled fashion attributed a reconstructed cashmere sweater and a vest to the store EM & Co. The items are from a line called Stella Neptune by designer Eva Kisevalter.

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