Current value of the Dodgers is relevant, Jamie McCourt argues

The current value of the Dodgers is relevant to the merits of an agreement signed six years ago, Jamie McCourt argued in court papers filed Wednesday.

Three of the six versions of the agreement, which is at the heart of a divorce trial set to start Monday, specify that Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the Dodgers and Jamie McCourt is the sole owner of the couple’s residential properties.

Frank had previously asked the court to forbid discussion of the current worth of the team or the homes. Jamie said such evidence is necessary for the court to grasp what she says would be the “extraordinary injustice” that would result from enforcing the agreement.

“If that agreement is upheld, after a 30-year marriage, Frank would end up with assets worth in excess of $1 billion, whereas Jamie would be left with assets worth approximately $70 million, which are saddled with debt that she cannot maintain,” Jamie’s lawyers wrote in Wednesday’s filing.

Frank had argued that any such discrepancy is not relevant in determining the validity of the agreement.

“The [agreement] would not have been invalid if Frank had failed miserably and lost his entire fortune,” his lawyers wrote. “Likewise, Frank’s success in turning around the Dodgers has no effect on the validity of the [agreement].”

There are no active settlement discussions, sources on both sides said Wednesday, and the expectation on both sides is that the case will go to trial.