Fast Track: Miley Cyrus courts controversy with a bong

Miley Cyrus turns 18 with a bong, but sources claim it’s not weed. (TMZ)

Dick Van Dyke’s one-man show has been canceled due to the star’s Achilles’ tendon injury. (Los Angeles Times)

The L.A. Forum has been quiet recently, but it’s poised to be a major concert player. (Los Angeles Times)

After a rocky 2010, Call of Duty: Black Ops perks up the video game industry. (Los Angeles Times)


“The Hasselhoffs” won’t join the Kardashians in the halls of reality show glory -- it got canceled after just two episodes. (Deadline)

The video for Taylor Momsen’s “Make Me Wanna Die” was held up because the then-16-year-old singer insisted on getting naked in it. (Guardian)

The band Pulp is reuniting for the first time in 15 years. (Guardian)

Apparently, Prince is a big enough fan of “The View” that he dropped by unannounced. (Hollywood Reporter)


Paul McCartney paid tribute to John Lennon on “Late Night” on Thursday. (New York Times)

To celebrate Jay-Z’s 41st birthday, Beyonce gave him one of the world’s most expensive sports cars. (Pop Eater)

Debbie Harry claims she was almost murdered by Ted Bundy. (The Sun)

Barbara Walters says the most fascinating person of 2010 is ... (Hollywood Reporter)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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