WEB BUZZ: offers inspiration, advice on taking hiatus from job

Hate your job? Bolster your courage to take that epic trip with

What’s hot: Travelers who have left their jobs to travel share their stories, from struggles to triumphs. The site aims to offer advice and inspiration through videos and blog posts. Click on the “inspiration” tab to find “real career break stories.” Check out the “market” section, which points to other online travel resources. The site was founded by American Jeff Jung, who says he quit his job in marketing in 2006 to embark on his own career break.

What’s not: Expect to pay for video travel guides, currently $17.99 for a country pass (four videos) or $49.99 for a full-season pass (16 videos). But if you sign up for the site’s newsletter, you can get the first two videos from South Africa for free. The advice section, which covers planning and budgeting, could use more information. But for a website that launched its first video episode in September, Careerbreaksecrets is well on its way to becoming a go-to resource for travelers looking for long-term escapes.