Goodbye to these tired trends from 2010

Los Angeles Times

Just like guests who obliviously kick back on your couch long after the holiday party has ended, the year winds down with a handful of things that have overstayed their welcome in the pop culture arena. We’d like to offer a gentle tap on the shoulder and a cab ride into anonymity for the following:

Toning Footwear

If those shoes performed as advertised, we’d all have Brooke Burke’s badonkadonk and Kim Kardashian’s curves by now. Enough said.

The Bieber ‘Do


Unless your birth certificate says " Justin Bieber” on it, let the mop-of-swept-hair thing go, ahhight?


No one watching you fiddle with your new iPad is enjoying it anywhere near as much as you are. (Guy reading a script in the valet line at Pizzeria Mozza, this means you.)

Kardashian Endorsements

The whole “Kardashian Kard” debacle — the prepaid debit card endorsed by the clan was removed from the market less than a month after it launched — should have been a sign from above. (Note to team Kardashian: the more stuff you slap your name on, the less valuable it is.)

Gourmet Cupcakeries

Sprinkles, Crumbs, Magnolia Bakery – the high-end cupcake racket has spread like a muffin top over the waistline of Los Angeles.

The “Fauxmergency”


When you send an e-mail, a breaking news alert about trapped Chilean miners is worth clicking the “high importance” button. The fact that your client’s skin moisturizer has a new label is not.

Adults Who Play Facebook Games

If a Facebook “friend” tells you: A) They need some magical brown eggs or B) They’ve just become a seventh-level Yakuza, both of you should be well below voting age.