tells you where to go for no gluten points travelers to restaurants, hotels and cruises that can accommodate gluten-free diets.

What's hot: The site was founded by Karen Broussard, who started it after her son Ryan was diagnosed with celiac disease. She wanted to connect to and share resources with the gluten-free community around the world. Getting user reviews from many corners has helped her readers with their vacation planning and research. Start with the Travel Resources page or the Featured Review section (including the archives). I thought the firsthand reports provided the best inspiration for someone new to the dietary restrictions or new to traveling or both.

What's not: It's hard to figure out which destinations have the most reviews. By looking at random destinations, I found a handful of reviews here and a handful there, but I'd like to see some lists of cities that have the most recommendations or see gluten-free traveler profiles with tips from experienced travelers.

— Jen Leo

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