Where you've seen Portia Doubleday

Where you've seen her It was 13 years ago that the now 21-year-old Portia Doubleday debuted as Young Margaret in one of the Mummy movies (not those Mummy movies; "Legend of the Mummy," with Louis Gossett Jr.). She didn't re-materialize onscreen until last year, as the lead in a short ("18") about a girl wrestling with end-of-life issues concerning her mother. That's a bit of a gap, but things are getting rolling now: Apart from "Youth in Revolt," Doubleday is working on "Touchback," a feature-length version of the winning short in Netflix and Film Independent's "Netflix FIND Your Voice" competition, as well as a short with Alex Frost of "Elephant," directed by Marvin Jarrett, editor in chief of Nylon magazine.-- Michael Ordoña

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