Where you've seen Rosario Dawson

Since her debut in 1995's controversial "Kids" at age 16, Rosario Dawson has appeared in blockbusters ("Men in Black II"), epics ("Alexander"), musicals ("Rent"), acclaimed indies ("A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints") and cult favorites ("Grindhouse," "Sin City"). Perhaps her most acclaimed performance so far was in 2008's "Seven Pounds." Her personal favorite, though, may be the little-seen rape-revenge drama "Descent" (2007), which she also produced. She wishes more people had seen it. "It bums me out. That movie was the beginning of being a better actor, being able to call myself an actor. It was very trying and very difficult, very hard-core material. For me, that's what made it possible to get the performance I got in 'Seven Pounds.' That's the hardest thing I'd ever had to do, 'Descent.'"

— Michael Ordoña

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