For the record

Meltdown comedy event: In an article on the Meltdown stand-up comedy event in the Nov. 12 Calendar section, a quote describing the alternative comedy scene as "Basically, anyone who's not Dane Cook" was attributed to Emily V. Gordon. The quote should have been attributed to Linda Pine.

Halloween shooting: An article in the Nov. 6 Section A about the shooting of a 5-year-old boy in South Los Angeles said that the boy, Aaron Shannon Jr., died when he was shot on Halloween 20 minutes after donning his Spider-Man costume. As indicated later in the article, his death did not occur until the following day.

Cruise ship: An article in the Nov. 10 Section A about the disabled cruise ship Carnival Splendor said that the Coast Guard had dispatched an HC-130 Hercules helicopter to the ship's aid. The HC-130 is a four-engine turboprop fixed-wing airplane.

Joseph Gavin: The obituary in the Nov. 8 LATExtra section of Joseph Gavin, who headed the Apollo lunar module program at Grumman, said that in 1970 the Apollo 13 astronauts splashed down in the lunar lander module. While the astronauts did spend four days in the lunar lander, they transferred to the command module before returning to Earth.

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