Comics on Comics: Judd Apatow on Maria Bamford

“I love Maria Bamford. She makes me laugh. I think she’s hysterically funny. She performs all over the place [in LA]. Have you seen her? She’s so funny — she’s one of the few people that really makes you laugh hard, who’s doing something so interesting and insane.

She does a lot of voices. She has a very high voice and she does a lot of characters and people in her life — with deep voices — and it’s just a unique, bizarre act. I’ve seen a lot of comics and it takes a lot to make me laugh really hard. And she definitely makes me laugh super hard.

I don’t live that close to UCB [Upright Citizens Brigade, where Bamford occasionally performs] or I’d go there all the time; I’ve performed there a few times. I wish I lived right next door and I’d just move in. It’s fun. I did some stand-up at UCB when I was writing ‘Funny People,’ to just get in the head. You know … I’m gonna try to not sit in my room watching ‘Mad Men’ all day long.”

Maria Bamford


(with Dave Ross, TJ Miller, Dan Mintz, Joselyn Hughes and others)

Where: Downtown Independent Theater, 251 S. Main St., downtown L.A.

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday

Price: Free