Destination: Cocktail — The Prude at Royal Clayton's

Royal Clayton's — an English pub located in the Toy Factory lofts in the midst of downtown L.A.'s Arts District — is a gathering place for casual drinks, a game of pool and tasty gastropub fare. Still, if you hanker for something beyond a basic martini, you need only ask your bartender if he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Royal Clayton's bartender Plex Lowery has been experimenting with an off-menu take on a classic old-fashioned that he calls "the Prude." It gets its kick from a dollop of pomegranate molasses instead of sugar or simple syrup. The result is a pleasantly potent mash-up of bourbon and bittersweet fruit that lingers on the palette and warms a winter belly.

The Prude, by Plex Lowery

1 cherry

1 lemon slice

1 dollop of pomegranate molasses

2 dashes of bitters

2 oz. The Famous Grouse

Splash of soda water

Put the pomegranate molasses and bitters in a glass and muddle. Fill the glass with ice and add the whiskey and a splash of soda water. Stir, top with a cherry and a lemon twist.

Royal Clayton's, 1855 Industrial St., L.A. (213) 622-0512;

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