Hackers briefly disable public CIA website

Hackers briefly took down the public website of the CIA early Wednesday evening, but U.S. officials said no sensitive or classified material was compromised.

The CIA declined to confirm the cause of the apparent crash, which kept the site from loading for at least an hour. “We are looking into these reports,” said spokesman Preston Golson.

A group calling itself LulzSec took responsibility for the site crash in a Twitter message at around 6 p.m. “Tango down — — for the lulz.”


Hackers also broke into the U.S. Senate’s public website on Wednesday but were blocked from downloading any sensitive material. It was the second such attack in less than a week.

Senate Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms Martina Bradford told CBS News that hackers were able to break into the Senate website and download some information. She said a firewall blocked downloads of any sensitive data.