Whitey Bulger’s alleged hit list

James “Whitey” Bulger is alleged to have been involved in the following killings, according to federal indictments:

March and April 1973: Michael Milano, Al Plummer,William O’Brien, James Leary and Joseph Notorangeli, members of a rival gang led by Al Notorangeli

December 1973: James O’Toole, former associate of the Charlestown-based McLaughlin gang

February 1974: Al Notorangeli, leader of rival gang


October 1974: James Sousa, criminal associate in a botched robbery and a potential witness

November 1974: Paul McGonagle, member of the Mullins gang and an opponent for control of South Boston

June 1975: Edward Connors, potential witness in O’Toole slaying

November 1975: Thomas King, member of Bulger’s gang who was viewed as a threat to Bulger and others, and Francis “Buddy” Leonard, who was killed to divert attention from King’s disappearance

December 1976: Murder of Richard Castucci, FBI informant

May 1981: Roger Wheeler, owner of gambling operation World Jai Alai, in Tulsa, Okla.

Late 1981: Debra Davis, girlfriend of Bulger associate Stephen Flemmi, who was viewed as a threat

May 1982: Brian Halloran, FBI informant on the Wheeler killing, and Michael Donahue, who was riding in the car with Halloran


August 1982: John B. Callahan, former president of World Jai Alai who could implicate Bulger in Wheeler’s death

July 1983: Arthur “Bucky” Barrett, alleged safecracker and bank robber whom Bulger targeted for extortion

November 1984: John McIntyre, who was cooperating with law enforcement on the gang’s involvement in shipments of arms and ammunition to the Irish Republican Army

Early 1985: Deborah Hussey, Flemmi’s stepdaughter