House GOP leads passage of healthcare law repeal


WASHINGTON — For the 33rd time, House Republicans steered passage of legislation taking aim at the nation’s new healthcare law — this time in a largely symbolic vote to repeal it.

The two-day floor debate was orchestrated by GOP leaders to rev up voters before the November election, tapping into the deep divisions that remain over the plan two years after President Obama’s signature domestic achievement became law.

Americans continue to give the Affordable Care Act mixed reviews, with conservative and independent voters among those most opposed. After the Supreme Court upheld the law in a landmark decision this summer, Republican leaders promised another repeal vote in a strategy that poses some risk for the party as polls show Americans want to move on to other issues.


The House voted 244-185 Wednesday. Five Democrats joined the GOP, more than the three who supported repeal a year ago, showing the continued political strain the legislation poses for some in the president’s party.

The bill, like many others passed by the House since 2011, is expected to languish in the Senate. Democrats, who have the majority in that chamber, complained that the vote is a waste of time, as Americans put priority on the economic and employment outlook.

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