Late Night: Dave Letterman disapproves of Justin Bieber’s tattoo

David Letterman has never been late night TV’s most affable host, but during Justin Bieber’s visit to “The Late Show” Thursday night, the host was in an especially cantankerous mood. Why the cranky demeanor? Blame it on the Beeb’s new body art.

The teen heartthrob commemorated the release of his new album, “Believe,” earlier this week with a new tattoo on the inside of his forearm. After spotting the fresh ink, Letterman wondered, “Oh God, how many do you have?” Bieber mumbled vaguely about having just “a couple.” For Letterman, who’s sounding more and more like his late colleague Andy Rooney with each passing day, this was cause for further alarm: “Tell me that’s the last one.... Honestly, how does that help how you look?”

“It doesn’t not help how I look,” Bieber replied meekly. Then Letterman pounced, grabbing the scrawny singer’s forearm and grunting, “Get that off there.” Bieber squealed and, after a bit of a struggle, managed to pry his arm away from crazy Uncle Dave.


Even after the altercation, Letterman wasn’t ready to let the subject die. He urged Bieber not to “go nuts” and get the “Sistine Chapel” treatment – i.e. a mural of tattoos covering his arms and chest.

“I’m not going for the 16th chapel,” promised Bieber, who is, evidently, unfamiliar with one of the greatest works of art in the history of mankind. As the audience erupted into laughter at the malapropism, Letterman sighed: “Canadian high school.”

Bieber didn’t look quite as amused.


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