Oops! Candidate videos respond to healthcare ruling before ruling


WASHINGTON — Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, preparing for the upcoming Supreme Court decision on healthcare reform, covered all of his bases in preparing four videos to respond to various potential verdicts — but his cover was blown when his campaign accidentally uploaded all four to his YouTube account.

Oh, that simple-to-use technology. In what can be described as a contingency plan gone wrong, Mourdock’s YouTube channel was meant to host one video depending on next week’s ruling: If the court ruled in favor of President Obama’s healthcare reform law, if it struck down some provisions but preserved others, if it ruled the entire law unconstitutional, and if the court’s ruling is inconclusive.

The Republican’s preference? Strike it down.

“Well, we’ve had our brief moment of celebration, because the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is, in fact, unconstitutional. It’s what many of us argued all along,” Mourdock says in that video. “But don’t sit back and think the fight is over, because it isn’t.”


All four were available to watch for a brief time before being removed from the site, though as with all things online, they’ve since been preserved elsewhere.

Mourdock’s Democratic opponent portrayed the videos as evidence that “tea party, partisan politics is what Richard Mourdock cares about,” in a statement released by Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) campaign spokesman Christopher Conner.

“Like the vast majority of Hoosiers, Richard hopes the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, which our opponent Joe Donnelly dutifully supported. But as the Boy Scouts say, ‘Be prepared,’ ” Mourdock spokesman Chris Conner said in a statement following the release.

Mourdock, who defeated longtime Sen. Richard Lugar in a May primary this year, is just one of several tea party-backed candidates who have challenged favorites of the GOP establishment.

All three of Mourdock’s videos can be seen below.