Obama steps up call for clean energy tax credits

SAN JOSE — After a morning of closed-door campaigning here Thursday, President Obama plans to talk about tax credits for clean energy production during a visit to Iowa.

As he focuses on his administration’s efforts to boost job creation, Obama plans to call on Congress to extend tax credits designed to encourage businesses to invest in clean energy production, senior officials said.

Obama is scheduled to make his remarks on a visit to TPI Composites, a global provider of composite wind blades to major turbine manufacturers. The company built a plant in Newton, Iowa, in 2008 and now employs more than 700 people.

Members of the president’s Cabinet and senior administration officials are holding events across the country on the tax credits as they continue their efforts to pressure Congress to take up the president’s “to-do list” for them.


The items on that list haven’t seen much action on Capitol Hill, but Obama is highlighting them in hopes that voters will either pressure Republicans into action or at least blame them for getting in the way.

Obama is also pushing for tax credits to promote small business and to encourage companies to create jobs in the U.S. rather than overseas. He is calling for passage of Senate measures to make it easier for people to refinance their homes.

The day is set to begins in San Jose with a campaign event, a roundtable discussion with people the Obama campaign declined to name.

After the trip to TPI, Obama plans to travel to Des Moines for another campaign event. That event will be open to the press, according to Obama’s public schedule.