Obama congratulates Romney on nomination in 'brief and cordial' call

WASHINGTON -- In keeping with tradition and good manners, President Obama called Mitt Romney Wednesday to congratulate him on winning the delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination.

Obama’s campaign says the president made the call at about 11:30 a.m. Eastern time.

“President Obama said that he looked forward to an important and healthy debate about America’s future, and wished Gov. Romney and his family well throughout the upcoming campaign,” the campaign said in a statement sent to reporters.

(For those keeping track, the polite good wishes came less than 24 hours after the Obama deputy manager campaign decried Romney’s “complete lack of moral leadership” and absence of “backbone.”)

A Romney campaign aide confirmed the time of call and described the conversation as “brief and cordial.”

“Gov. Romney thanked the president for his congratulations and wished him and his family well,” the aide said.

Niceties dispensed with. Let the campaign resume. 


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