Are TSA officers laughing at you? Agency says no


The Transportation Security Administration wants you to know that crowds of airport screeners are not sitting around giggling at naked images of you.

The TSA said such unprofessional behavior by officers who review images made by full-body scanners is unlikely because screeners sit alone in private rooms, trying to spot weapons hidden beneath clothes of screened passengers.

“The resolution room is used only for the viewing of the images and is not a gathering place or break room for other officers as the officer viewing the images has to be focused in order to prevent any dangerous items from entering the airport,” the TSA said in an online post last week.


The TSA made the statement in response to a blog post purportedly written by a former TSA screener on the blog Taking Sense Away.

The author of the post said he had witnessed “a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning in regard to some of your nude images, dear passenger.”


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