It’s exercise time with Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson and I have something in common. No, not the part where she’s a gorgeous movie star. It’s the part where we both spend a lot of time in workout clothes.

Hudson wanted athletic wear that could better cross over from workout to fashion, so she co-founded a line called Fabletics, clothing designed for most female body types. Hudson says she’s not a technician, but she is passionate about these clothes and “had a lot of input” into the line, about clothing shapes and colors, for instance.

“To me, it seems an obvious fit. I come from such an active family,” she said. She recalled family biking trips, skiing in Colorado, sports and dancing. Her favorite activities, she said, are Pilates and dance.


During an interview at Equinox gym in West Los Angeles, Hudson explained that she wanted Fabletics to include useful clothing (there are pockets in many pieces, attractive and functional mesh paneling in some of the shirts and underarms cut close to prevent chafing) that make all sorts of women feel and look good. Hudson herself was wearing leggings, a tank top and a roomy wrap-around sweater -- all in black (not to mention her to-die-for black ankle boots).

The leggings, $49.95, feel soft and high-tech at the same time. “I wanted them to support my tushy -- that makes me feel really confident,” the actress said.

One unusual aspect of Fabletics: Although the clothes became available last month online and in the Equinox shop, they also are available on a subscription basis, with additions every month. Hudson’s partner is JustFab Inc., the fashion subscription company.

After several interviews, Hudson celebrated Fabletics’ launch with a few friends and a Spin class taught by Jason Wimberly. I got through the class, but I learned something Hudson and I might not have in common: She’s in terrific shape.