‘Gork, the Teenage Dragon’ may be headed to TV


“Gork, the Teenage Dragon,” Gabe Hudson’s coming-of-age fantasy novel about an awkward but sweet creature about to graduate from high school, could soon be headed to the small screen, Deadline reports.

The Gotham Group, the production company behind the film adaptations of the “Maze Runner” books, has optioned the television rights for the novel, which was published last July by Knopf.

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Jeremy Bell will serve as executive producers of the series.

“Gork, the Teenage Dragon” follows the titular monster about to leave his military school behind. He’s always been a misfit: nicknamed “Weak Sauce” by his classmates, he has a small pair of horns and a tendency to faint at inopportune times.


Gork plans to ask a female dragon to become his partner, and the stakes are high: if he’s rejected, he’s doomed to become a slave instead of conquering his very own planet.

“Gork” is Hudson’s second book; his short story collection “Dear Mr. President” was published in 2002 by Knopf, and was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award.